Outdoor Warning Siren

The Mt. Hope-Funks Grove Fire Protection District is no longer using the outdoor warning siren for Fire-EMS related calls. The Outdoor Warning Siren will only be used for weather-related activity.

The Village of McLean, along with the fire department, conducts a test of the outdoor warning siren at 10 am on the first Tuesday of the month in conjunction with other communities throughout the State of Illinois unless severe weather is in the area.

Along with the current change, make yourself aware that the following will be the tones you should listen for in case of an emergency:

Most systems use two siren tones. When they are activated, the sirens sound for a set amount of time as determined by your community.

  • Alert: A single tone signifying an emergency alert. This signal may be used for an emergency or disaster, including a severe storm, tornado warning (not a tornado watch), earthquake, chemical hazard/hazardous material incident, extreme winds, or biological hazard.
  • Attack: An up-and-down, rising and falling tone to signify there is a homeland security or attack emergency. This signal would be used if community officials were notified by federal and/or state government officials of an actual or impending attack on the local community.
  • All Clear: Not used by all communities. McLean does not sound an all clear. Please tune in to your local news agencies and listen for notification from city officials regarding the emergency.

Please visit http://www.illinois.gov/ready/hazards/pages/tornadoes.aspx for further information and siren tone examples.

Further information is available by calling the fire department at 874-2532.