W Dixie R (Route 136)

PARCEL NUMBER: 26-35-326-002



This parcel is located on the west side of the Village with frontage on the north side of West Dixie Road (Route 136) in the immediate vicinity of where it intersects with historic Route 66, making it an excellent location for attracting Route 66 travelers, particularly with its close vicinity to the Dixie Family Restaurant and Travel Plaza. It is also convenient to travelers on Route 136 as well as Interstate 55, being only a half mile from its northbound and southbound exits as well as two major gas stations with convenience stores, McDonalds and Subway restaurants, and a Super 8 hotel. This makes it an ideal location for a commercial enterprise looking to capture the business of the many travelers who stop for gas, food, and lodging at this halfway point between Chicago and St. Louis.

The current land use is farmland. Parcels north and east of the site are residential and recreational (park district). An additional development site could be available on the south side of W Dixie Road, which is also farmland but under different ownership. Parcel size is 55.34 acres with subdivision opportunities.

For more information, please contact Warren Ribley at WCR Enterprises using the contact info below.

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PARCEL NUMBER: 26-35-326-002


55.34-acre property